Professional training in aesthetics & anti-aging

Professional training in aesthetics & anti-aging

Celestetic. Expert Formation is your partner for the implementation of new innovative and profitable services.Discover and try out the latest non-invasive technological innovations used in facial care to offer your customers high-performance and long-lasting treatments, directly inspired by aesthetic medicine.

Radio-frequency: Deep skin treatment to stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin. Tissue re-tensioning is immediate for a visible lifting effect.

Microdermabrasion: Superficial and effective treatment of all skin imperfections thanks to diamond microcrystals, Microdermabrasion promotes the penetration of active ingredients and peels.<peelings< strong=""> : Immediate and visible new skin effect from the 1er peel. Designed to maximise results while minimising side effects, celestetic. peelings are the ideal complement to Microneedling, Electroporation and LED techniques.<peelings< strong="">
<peelings< strong=""><peelings< strong="">Electroporation : Ideal in addition to Microneedling or Peelings, Electroporation or Virtual Mesotherapy, allows up to 95% absorption of active ingredients in the heart of the cells for a rejuvenated and plumped skin. 

Microneedling: Innovative technique for in-depth skin regeneration and spectacular effects demonstrated by numerous studies on all types of scars and skin irregularities: Microneedling combined with C-EM, highly concentrated serums, is the solution for treatments

Led: The different colours emitted by the diodes stimulate the chromo-receptors of our cells. Widely used in aesthetic medicine, photo-stimulation has different benefits depending on the colours used. The LED also potentiates the effects of Peelings and Microneedling.

Hi-Fu: Latest revolution in aesthetics: face lifting without surgery is possible thanks to high intensity focused ultrasonic energy, for immediate and lasting rejuvenation. Hi-Fu effectively treats sagging skin and restores firmness to the oval of the face in the long term.




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