Professional serums for microneedling and mesotherapy

The C-EM Mesotherapy range is developed for use with the latest no-needle, noninvasive mesotherapy technology such as electroporation or automated microneedling.

An electro-mesotherapy treatment lasts between 20 to 40 minutes. It is recommended to do one to two sessions per week until the desired result is achieved. Then once or twice a month to maintain the results.

Double effect


Electro-mesotherapy pushes hyaluronic acid deep into the skin for an immediate filling and lifting effect, similar to a filler injection without the needles.

All treatment capsules contain active ingredients that stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin for lasting effects.


Active complexes

Each C-EM treatment consists of a combination of highly dosed active ingredients to achieve visible and lasting results.


What are the benefits ?

For you

  • Easily choose the serum adapted to the skin type and the skin problem to be treated
  • Highly dosed hyaluronic acid serums for an immediately visible anti-ageing effect*.

For your clients

  • Effects are visible immediatly and last on the long term*
  • The skin is highly moisturized
  • Comfort feeling after the treatment



C-EM EGFregen

A combination of biometric growth factors to increase skin firmness.

C-EM acneclean

Combats oily skin and hormonal and bacterial acne.

C-EM hyperpigment

Combats all types of blemishes and pigmentation irregularities. Also evens out complexion.

C-EM sensitivecare

Calms redness, itching and irritation while having a rejuvenating effect on the skin.

C-EM BTXeffect

Decreases the appearance of expression lines while improving skin elasticity.

C-EM AOXrepair

Acts against the signs of photoaging caused by the sun and pollution and stimulates cell regeneration.

C-EM Hydrarepair

Acts against the signs of photoaging caused by the sun and pollution and stimulates cellular regeneration.

C-EM eyeperfect

Acts against imprefections around the eyes such as puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles.


C-EM fatredux

Destroy fat cells. Effective against cellulite orange peel effect and targeted fat (arms, neck, etc).

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