EpilPro+ - Professional Laser Permanent Hair Removal Device

Our EpilPro+  machine for permanent hair removal uses diode laser technology which is becoming increasingly popular as it has many advantages over other hair removal methods.

Its operation is simple:

Diode lasers emit infrared radiation and operate in the 800-900 nm band.
and are therefore invisible. These rays have a great affinity with melanin, the pigments that give hair its colour.


When the laser is directed onto the skin, it passes through the skin and is absorbed by the hair bulbs. This accumulation of light in the bulbs will cause intense heat, which can rise to 75° for a short time.

It causes hair destruction caused by the destruction of its deep roots. Indeed the heat produced by the laser leads to multiple micro coagulations at the base of the hair at the level where the cells ensure its renewal.

What are the benefits ?

For you

  • Laser Diode of the latest generation
  • Uses the wavelength recognized as very effective because it is the wavelength most absorbed by the melanin in the hair.
  • Intelligent adjustable pulsation system
  • Adapts to the skin type to maximize results while minimizing side effects.
  • Powerful cooling system minimizes side effects and treatment comfort with very little pain or discomfort
  • Technology suitable for all skin types, (even dark) and all types of hair (even very fine)
  •  Safe and efficient technology, more efficient than conventional pulsed light
  • Wide applicator reducing the session time by half (bikini 15 minutes, full back 20 minutes)
  • Guaranteed 20 million shots, with very little maintenance required
  • Compact machine relatively light (22.5 kg) and easy to transport
  • Rapid preheating  in 1 minute and painless treatment
  • Simple and intuitive touch interface

For your clients

  • Quick and fast treatment
  • Much less pain thanks to the cooling system
  • Virtually no risk of burns
  • Results from the first session
  • Up to 90% of permanently destroyed hair
  • Disappearance of the ingrown hair phenomenon


Up to 95% hair reduction on treated parts (depending on the case)*.

A stable reduction, requiring almost no maintenance after the series of sessions.

Customer satisfaction close to 95% *

Better results and fewer side effects than conventional IPL technology

Predictable, reliable and reproducible results with very few side effects

Technical features

Definitieve ontharings toestel Wavelenght 808nm
Power of the laser 1.200W
Durability 20 miljoen "shots"
Pulse duration 5 ~200 ms
Shots repetition interval 1-10Hz
Energetic power 0 ~ 100 J / cm2
Surface of the applicator 14x 14mm
LCD screan 8 'LCD tactile
Skin cooling system pelletier plaat + saffierglas

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