C-Pen : automatic professional microneedler

The C-Pen - Automated Micro Needler is a pen with titanium micro-needles at the end. Through reciprocating movements generated by its electric motor, the needles penetrate the skin to a predetermined depth.

 This creates micro-wounds, invisible to the naked eye, which stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin. This stimulation of dermis components helps to initiate skin renewal, reduce wrinkles, increase skin firmness and reduce imperfections. It works on scars and stretch marks by stimulating cell renewal: it allows old cells to be replaced by new ones with a more homogeneous colour.

What are the benefits ?

For you

• Treats a multitude of aesthetic problems

• Suitable for all skin types (even dark)

• Can treat large areas in a short amount of time

• The needles’ adjustable length allows treatment to becustomised depending on skin thickness and type

• Easy to manoeuvre and very precise due to its thin shapeand ergonomics

• Wireless device, automatic and rechargeable

For your clients

  • Painless
  • It leaves no trace on skin and there is no posttreatmentrecovery time
  • Visible and lasting results


  • ·        Skin rejuvenation
  • ·        Sagging skin
  • ·        Recent and old scars
  • ·        Penetration of active ingredients
  • ·       Tightening of enlarged pores
  • ·        Post-acne imperfections
  • ·        Scars
  • ·        Stretch marks
  • ·        Targeted wrinkles (Lion’s wrinkle) or nasolabial fold
  • ·        Hair regrowth and hair loss


• Pore tightening

• Significantly decreases hyperpigmentation (studies show in 95% of cases)

• The first visible effects on the scars appear from four weeks after the first session

• Excellent» improvement of post-acne scars in 95% of cases after eight weeks

• Visibly softer and firmer skin

• Visible impact on irregularities and wrinkles for 90% of clients

 • Very effective on stretch marks with more than 85% of users satisfied

• Superficial scars reduced by over 90% in six months

Hair regrowth improvement

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